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About this toolkit

Aegon Speak Up has been developed to help you take action to best prepare yourself for raising a concern – from noticing a problem and having a conversation through to what to expect if you call a Speak Up helpline or if your concern is investigated.

It is a resource that has been developed using first-hand experience and understanding of the emotional experience of raising a concern, coupled with the Institute for Business Ethics’s knowledge of what constitutes good practice for organisations receiving those concerns.

Speaking up is often an experience that provokes a mix of emotions; it can be complex and feel daunting. You will be asked to choose how you feel in response to questions so you can receive appropriate guidance that recognises your emotional reactions and guides you to resolving your concerns.

The Toolkit drives people to have conversations, as issues are usually best resolved as soon as possible and amongst colleagues. It suggests resources you might look for in Aegon.

Aegon Speak Up is a resource that you can dip in and out of. It is there to offer support and guide you through every step of your Speak Up journey.


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Using this toolkit

Click Get started and then choose one of the five stages of the Speak Up journey:

I have a concern – you’ve noticed something has happened, what are the common worries around speaking up, why should you speak up and how do you go about it?

Speaking to someone – how can you prepare to have a conversation about your concern, who should you speak to and what happens afterwards?

Making a report – how can you prepare to make a report, how do you actually do it and what happens after you report?

An investigation is under way – what are the steps involved in an investigation, what is your role in each and who will be involved?

After I have spoken up – what is the outcome and what are the ongoing responsibilities of you and your organisation’s?

Choose a question – select which emotion you feel closer to – read the guidance and find out what you can do – consider the resources that should help you.

Your use of this app and website is completely confidential and you cannot be identified.